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      Shandong Hisea Energy Corporation Limited(HISEA) is a leading sponsor of Shandong Carbon Manufactures Association (SCMA).The company,setted up according to the modern enterprise systerm,is a specialized,integrated enterprise that provides full range of sevices from production,sales,research and development,technical services all under one roof.The headquarters and operation center of company is located in the Shengli Oil Field-Dongying which is 30 km away from Dongying Airport(DOY) and is adjacent to Dongying Port,Weifang Port and Huanghua Port which makes us enjoy a very convenient traffic.
      At present,the company consists of four divisions,Carbon Products Division,Chemical Division, Environmental Protection Division,Petroleum Machinery Division and two offshore branches in Hong Kong and virgin islands,and three factories in Zibo,Dezhou,Binzhou and four brunches in Liaoning,Jiangsu,Hunan,Shandong,a cooperative refinery,a environmental protection equipment company(Catalytic Wet Desulfurization Denitration).

    Carbon Products Division
      Carbon Products Division is the company’s important unit.There are two calcined petroleum coke plants(Zibo carbon plant,Huludao carbon plant) and one pre-baked anode molding workshop.The second phase of calcined petroleum coke plant(300 thousand tons of cpc) is supposed to be constructed in the end of 2016 in Zibo,Shandong.Its main trading products are 400 thousand tons of Calcined Petroleum Coke(CPC),200 thousand tons of Prebaked anode for aluminum electrolysis,50 thousand tons of Calcined Grain(CPC size),20 thousand tons of Carburant,Calcined Powder,etc.All of the relevant specification can be produced according to customer’s requirements.Meanwhile, company is also engaged in the trade of petroleum coke(GPC)at home and abroad.The factory and workshop are equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments.The quality of products are stable and high,and can meet the domestic industry standard as well as ISO and ASTM test standard.
    At home,we are suppliers of smelting aluminum plant,carbon plant,steel mills,metal factory,electrode plant,chemicals plant and traders of many cities. At abroad,we focus on business development and  technology cooperation and communication  with aluminum factory,steel factory,chemical synthesis in Europe,America,South Asia,Africa,Southeast Asia .

    Chemical Division
      Chemical Division gradually grows up depending on the development of Shengli Oil Field.Mainly engaged in fine chemical products and petrochemical products, our business involves series of refined oil,series of asphalt,polypropylene,propylene,benzene,sulfur ect.All the indexes of the products are conformanle or higher than the relevant national standard.

    Environmental Protection Division
      Environmental Protection Division is committed to the production and sale of Catalytic Wet Desulfurization Denitration equipment.Desulfurization denitration integration process has become a research and development hotspot of flue gas pollution controling.development.Development of desulfurization denitration technology which suited to China's national conditions, less investment, low operation cost, high efficiency and integration of by-product utilization.

    Machine  Manufacturing  Division
      Machine manufacturing division is committed to sales and services of oil machinery parts, machinery precision casting and producing various export precious castings made of stainless steel,carbon steel,low alloy steel and so on .  Our business is not only successful in the domestic market but also supplied in the international market including Middle East, south America, north Africa, Russia, India, Australia and other areas.High-quality products and perfect after-sales services has won the domestic and overseas customers' favor and trust.   


        Since its establishment, Company has been striving for innovation and breakthrough, constantly quickening the steps on domestic and foreign markets.Specialized equipment and technical guidance, efficient team collaboration, accurate market analysis and positioning which ensures the long-term stable development of the company, makes our business cover both domestic and international cities.
      Company adhering to the people-oriented,technology leadership, integrity,cooperation and win-win business philosophy,basing on the enterprise tenet of quality coming first and keeping improving, the enterprise tries to pioneer and innovate and continuously grow.And we are committed to providing all customers domestic and overseas with the highest quality products, the most reasonable price and the most warm and considerate service .Following the development basis of ‘Innovation ,harmonious, green, open, sharing’,we will keep contributing to the development of national energy industry.

       Welcome all friends to visit our factory, guidance and business negotiation!
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