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    Marketing Center

       The marketing center of company is located in the Shenli Oil Field-Dongying which is 30 km away from Dongying Airport(DOY) and is adjacent to Dongying Port,Weifang Port and Huanghua Port,which makes us enjoy a very convenient traffic.Marketing center is mainly responsible for the discovery of consumer demand, product positioning, leading product development, price strategy and competition, channel management, promotion, organization and Department of day-to-day management, marketing strategy planning and strategy execution and other series of work.


    Head office

        Our company provides full range of services from research and development,purchase,production and sales all under one roof.Company has modern offcice,onvinent traffic and has more than 1,000 workers.All kinds of infrastructure have been consummated.The factory is equipped with advanced production eqiupment and inspection instrument,providing customers with flexible services .


    Corner of laboratory

        In materials purchase, production ,products testing,sales areas such as strict control to ensure product quality. The company has advanced testing equipment to ensure the products meet customer needs and standard of kinds of tests.


    Calcination plant

        The petroleum coke calcined procedure is chiefly in production of carbon factory,providing raw materials for the following production link. Calcination is the process of high temperature heat treatment under the condition of air isolation, which the size of petroleum coke is suitable.The main mode of production is mechanical automation. Our technical staff strictly control the quality of the product from the choice and production of raw materials to output and repair the equipment regularly to ensure the production efficiency and improve the economic benefit.


    Roaster plant

        Roastering is an important working procedure of the production of carbon products.The roasting curve,the identities of roasting temperature,the heating rate,the temperature gradient and the final roasting temperature has great influence on the quality of anode .For each process ,company conducts systematic study and training to employees to ensure the quality of production carbon blocks.


    Forming shop

        The forming shop of factory has advanced equipment and relevant technical staff,ensuring product quality in the possess of ingredients-preheat - mixed pinch - vibration molding - cooling - final output to meet customer's need.


    Anode shop

        Large prebaked electrolytic aluminum production often supplies electrolysis production using anode carbon block and In the process of cleaning, pressing and removing, crushing and so on, the anode carbon block assembly is assembled to form a new anode carbon block set to return to the point solution, thereby forming the anode assembly production process. The anode assembly shop is a recycling processing center, which can be used as a processing center. Reduce the production cost, improve the production efficiency.



        We have long-term cooperation with storage and logistic place.And we have several distribution base of Petroleum coke whicih provides us convinent shipment making us provide an endless source of products.


    Loading port

        We have an unique advantage in logistics and warehousing.Meanwhile, we have long-term cooperation with shipping companies, dedicated rail lines and warehouses and can provide flexible modes of transportation.

        With the development of company,company has established a more competitive operating system in product quality,product price,product plants,logistic and warehousing,product tests,rapid settlement to meet flexible needs of customers.


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