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    OPEC: oil prices in 2040 or return to $100
    Shandong Hisea Energy Corporation Limited   2016-08-17 18:58:30 Author:SystemMaster Source:百川资讯 Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

      Reuters quoted sources as saying, OPEC is expected to return to crude oil prices in 2040 100 u.. It is expected that oil prices will increase by 5 U. s.dollars / barrel, and then in 2020 reached $80 / barrel level. Non OPEC output in 2017 was 58200000 barrels / day, compared with the previous 1000000 barrels / day.

      The U.S. House of Representatives Energy Commission approved the bill on the abolition of the U.S. oil export ban. The bill with 31 votes - 19 customs clearance. Affected by this, crude oil diving.

      Brent crude fell 48.39 to $2.71% a barrel; U.S. WTI crude fell 1.10% to $46.63 a barrel. NYMEX crude fell 46.55 to $1.29% a barrel.

      Earlier, due to the U.S. shale oil industry led to oil prices, OPEC is expected to cut in 2016 (oil exporting countries) outside the organization of crude oil supply.

      International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Friday, following the recent decline in crude oil prices further, next year the oil supply of non OPEC countries are likely to occur for more than 20 years the maximum reduction.

       According to the International Energy Agency's latest market report, the United States, Russia and other non OPEC countries is expected to be a reduction of nearly 50 million barrels of daily oil production.


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