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    Carbon paste


    1.Photos of product


        Carbon paste is conductive materials supplying electric furnace equipment of ferroalloy furnace and calcium carbide furnace ect.It can endure high temperatures, has smller expansion coefficient and resistance coefficient which can reduce the loss of electric.And it has smaller porous ratio,making heated electrode slow oxidation .Higher mechanical strength makes sure that the electrode isn't broken under the influence of machine and electric load.
      The current carries out smelting through arc produced by electrode inputing furnace.The electrode plays an important role in the whole electric furnace.Without electrode,electric furnace can not be used.The electrode only made of carbon having property such as high oxidative resistance and  electrical conductivity  can work normally under the temperature produced by arc,because the carbon electrode can only slowly oxidize enduring arc temperature of 3500 degree.


    3.Types and main application
        In accordance with the way it used,it belongs to soderberg electrode.The working current density of soberberg eletrode made by carbon paste is low as 3-6Acm,and the conductive property of it has large difference comparing with graphite electrode or carbon electrode.But the production of carbon paste has low requirement of raw materials,simple manufacturing process and low cost.The main material of production of carbon paste is anthracite and furnace coke.There are 2 kinds of different components of carbon paste.
     1.So-called standard carbon paste.It is widely used in alloy smelting furnace and  carbide furnace.This kind of carbon paste uses medium pitch of which softening point is at 65-75 degree(mercury method) as binder.
     2. Another kind of carbon paste is used in sealing ferroalloy furnaces or calcium.Sealing ferroalloy furnace requires high conductivity and thermal conductivity and sensible speed of sintering.So the ingredient of production of this kind of carbon paste which is different from standard carbon paste,it needs graghitization metallurgical coke with high conductivity ,thermal conductivity or graphite scraps,green petroleum coke,coal tar other than  anthracite as raw materials.The binder is also mixture of coal tar and coal tar pitch.
     In addition to two kinds of carbon paste above,some places product carbon paste adding local natural graphite and metallurgical coke or pitch coke.


    4.Quality index

    Content THD-1 THD-2 THD-3 THD-4 THD-5
    Ash/%  5 6 7 9 11
    Volatile/% 12.0~15.5 12.0~15.5 9.5~13.5 11.5~15.5 11.5~15.5
    Compression strength/Mpa  17 15.7 19.6 19.6 19.6
    Resistivity/μΩ·m≥ 68 75 80 90 90
    Bulk /g·cm-3   1.36 1.36 1.36 1.36 1.36


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