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    Graphite carbon additive


    1.Photos of product


       Graphite carbon additive is used as auxiliary materials of carbon addition and desulfurization in steel making and foundry industry.It is also uesd in other industries such as  friction material in brake,add raw materials in production of electrode paste.Under high temperature,the arrangement of carbon atoms is in the form of graphite microstructure,so we called it graphitization.Graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the graphite carbon additive, increase content of carbon and reduce content of sulfur.Currently graphite carbon additive refers to graphitization petroleum coke.


    3. Maily appilication
       Graphite carbon additive is used to increase content of carbon of liquid iron in casting such as iron casting and steel casting.For example,the charging meterials usually used in smelting are pig iron,steel scrap and foundary returns. Among them,the content of carbon of pig iron is high,but purchasing price is higher than steel scrap.So increasing quantity of steel crap,reducing quantity of pig iron and adding graphite carbon additive can play a role in reducing the cost of casting.


    According to the production process:
    a.Graphite scrap :The offal produced in the production of graphite electrode and other carbon products,is barely used at home currently.
    b. Calcined graphite carbon additive:is product that the green petroleum coke  calcined in the calcinator accurs physics&chemical reaction including improvment of true specific gravity, reduction of powder resistance and getting rid of  volatile impurities.It is mainly used at home.
    c. Graphitization carbon additive:is product after that under high temperature,green petroleum coke is graphited, accures phisics&chemical reaction and get rid of sulfur and other impurities.The quality of this product is excellent,so it is used widely in smelting industries currently and exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions.

    5.Quality Index

    Content Quality index
    CA-1 CA-2 CA-3
     Carbon min % 98 98.5 99
     Sulfur max % 0.05 0.04 0.03
    Moisture  % 0.5 0.5 0.3
    V.M. max % 0.5 0.4 0.3
    Ash max % 0.5 0.5 0.3


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