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    Calcined petroleum coke


    1.Photos of product



        The green petroleum coke must be calcined in order to meet the requirements of the production of graphite electrode for steel making and anode paste(melting electrode) for aluminum,magnesium making,calling calcined petroleum coke.Calcination temperature ia generally about 1300 degree to get rid of volatility as far as possible.It can reduce the hydrogen content of green petroleum coke remanufactured goods ,improve the degree of graphite of coke,improve the high temperature strength, heat resistance and electrical conductivity measurement of graphite electrode .

    3.Main application
       Calcined petroleum coke is mainly used in production of graphite electrode,carbon paste,alundum powder,food grade phosphorus industry,metallurgical industry and calcium carbide ect.The most widely used os graphite electrode.Green petroleum coke can be directly used as main ingredient of calcium carbide without calcination to produce silicon carbide and boron carbide as abrasive material .It can also be directly used as coke for blast furnace in metallurgical industry and dense coke for casting technique ect.


    4.Quality index

    Content Quality index
    S% ≤0.5 ≤1.0 ≤1.5 ≤2.0 ≤2.5 ≤3.0
    Ash% ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
    V.M.% ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
    Moisture% ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
    True density(at 1300℃calcined5 hours) g/cm3 2.06-2.09
    Fixed carbon 98.50%


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