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    Expanded graphite


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      Expandable graphite is a type of flexible graphite and obtained by treating high quality natural scale graphite As an ideal and new sealing material(sealant).
      Expandable Graphite has features of good expandable, and its products have the Features of high temperature resistance, hot insulation, lubrication and chemical stability.Expandable graphite becomes worm like shape after instant treatment in high temperature,and the size of the expandable graphite can expand 100-400 times.The expandable graphite still keeps the property of natural graphite,and still possesses excellent molding plasticity,flexibility and ductibility,and sealability.It is a high quality raw material for all types of graphite plates and sealing member,and can also be used as new casting powder and exothermic agent in metallurgy industry.



      Expandable graphite is widely used ad additive of heat preservation in metallurgy, raw materials of flexible graphite foil,absorbing materials of battery,lubricant and additive materials and fire prevention material.



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