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    Carbon anode scrap


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      Carbon anode scrap is also called carbon blocks and anode scrap.It is the residual part of prebaked anode carbon block which is used in the electrolytic tank.Reacting with electrolyte over along period of time,it has high element of electrolyte,including aluminum,sodium,potassium,calcium,magnesium,lithium,fluorine ect.Anode scrap is high in calorific value and low in moisture;the calorie of 1t anode scrap is equivalent to that of 1.5t metallurgical coke.After being cleaned,anode scrap can be reused in the process of producing anode material.Anode scrap can be divided into different sizes by crushing and screening,including 10cm,20cm above and powder.It is used as a kind of aggregate in the process of producing anode block or anode paste.It can also be used as the smelting fuel.



     0-3mm 0-10mm 1-3cm 3-5cm 5-10cm 10-20cm,OEM welcomed(as per customer’s request.



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