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    Graphite scrap


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       Graphite electrode scrap is also called artificial graphite scraps, It is subsidiary products after the process of machining electrodes.


       Graphite electrode scrap mainly used as carbon additive in steel making and iron casting to increase carbon content in iron and steel.It also can be used in plastic and rubber as an additive, and used as carburizer in metallurgy industry, reducer in chemical industry, foundry modifier and fireproof etc.Because of low ash and good thermal conductivity properties,graphite scrap has wide application.It can be added into less ash or more ash products of all kinds of formulations that graphite scrap is used being broken into small particles.Adding certain mount of graphite scrap into ingredients can improve plasticity of paste after the kneading.Graphite scrap has good adsorption ability with coal tar which can improve thermal conductivity and alkali corrosion resistance of carbon block and so on.




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